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Monday, September 3, 2007


HERE ARE 4 NEW BRITNEY SPEARS SONGS! I have only listened to one of the songs so far, and it was good! You should definitely try them out! I just listened to them and I love them!! I have them on repeat : ) Enjoy! BTW, they are all REAL and are all HER!!!
Thanks to FMSM forums!!!
If you use iTunes, download the ones that say For iTunes. If the song does not say for iTunes, don't worry!!! Sorry for the inconvenience, I use Windows Media Player.

-Taken Down-

Source from X17 have revealed exclusively to that these tracks are being leaked from a Jive source. X17 informs BritneyExperts that these are from a 2005 demo and Jive is leaking the tracks for hype and promotion on her current untitled album. will continue to update you exclusively. Stay tuned.


You might be able to expect the full demo CD tonight.


Willis said...

Been A While and Got Me High won't go in my iTunes for some reason!

Music 4 u said...

Check the new download links. Thanks for posting that, otherwise I wouldn't have known!

Anonymous said...

Been A While is pretty good... Everybody is kind of crap... Can't believe that they where going to make that song a single... Remember? Everybody was suppossed to be the comeback single...

Anonymous said...

You told us they were new, then you say they are from 2005.

Music 4 u said...

They are new. Have you ever heard them before? Did I say they were off of her upcoming album? If you read that passage, you would see they were just released for hype.
If you saw my original post, I said that it has not been confirmed whether this was a demo from 2005 or this year or if they are off of her new album or not, etc.

Anonymous said...

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