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Friday, August 24, 2007

Interesting News on Hannah Montana (The Show)

Even though this isn't much about music, it's about a show who's main character is a singer (and had the #2 album last week!) so here:

Yesterday, comedy writer Buddy Sheffield filed a lawsuit alleging the Walt Disney Co. stole the idea of Hannah Montana from him without proper compensation.Sheffield, whose last writing credit was in 1998 for a show called Cheap Theatrix, has filed charges of breach of contract, breach of confidence, unfair competition and unjust enrichment. Translation: show me the money.

According to the lawsuit, the former In Living Color writer pitched a show called Rock and Roland in 2001 about a teen-by-day-star-by-night middle schooler. Sound familiar?

Maybe Disney did rip the idea from this writer, which sometimes happens when studios like the idea and not the people pitching it, but more than likely this is another case of someone trying to make some money.

When something, anything becomes financially successful, people come out of the woodwork to claim partial ownership. Last year two Missouri men claimed that Prison Break was based on their lives. Last month Mark Zuckerberg was sued for stealing the idea and coding for Facebook. Tomorrow I will be sued for stealing this post.

source: tvsquad


Anonymous said...

he made it up he isn't the one who wrote nor pitched the idea thats so stupid.

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