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Sunday, September 9, 2007

2007 MTV VMAs Coverage - THE SHOW

9:00 PM EST:
IT'S BRITNEY, BITCH. OK, she DEFINITELY isn't singing. Thank god for the good dancing! I expected much more, sorry to anyone who thought it was really good! Maybe I was expecting too much. IDK, but the choreography was good : )
9:04 PM EST: Sarah Silverman! Haha, I love her. "Calling Madonna a python" haha. She apologized to Paris haha. I think it is so cute that 50 Cent is alive! lol!! I wish I could stay longer, but I have diarrhea!! :)
9:08 PM EST: Alicia Keys is now talking about how the VMAs are only showing once, no repeats! Incredible surprised guests! Now, for the awards....
9:11 PM EST: Nicole and Eve handing out Monster single of the year. So many nominees! And the winner is: Rihanna Feat. Jay-Z: Umbrella. I knew it!! Same old, same old acceptance speech. Still love her, though!
9:14 PM EST: Kanye West is performing Stronger in his suite! He's good live, IMO. I don't think he wouldn't be all too bad for an opening. But still, Britney >Kanye ;). So, I guess only a half performance? Whatever! Commercial!
9:21 PM EST: A 30 second clip of Akon's Smack That! I hate how they do that, ugh! Now, there are 2 people, one is from 30 YO Virgin and Knocked Up, the main guy and some other guy. Dunno. They are showing the nominees for Viewer's Choice of Best New Artist. Whatever, haha.
9:22 PM EST: Jennifer Hudson and Robin Thicke are presenting the Quadruple Threat award! And the winner is...Justin Timberlake, duhh!! Who didn't see that coming?!
9:24 PM EST: Oh, look, a clip from Fall Out Boy's performance of Thnks Fr Th Mmors. I bet they only show about 1 minute of it! They only showed the second half of the song! I'm annoyed :(
9:33 PM EST: Kanye West and 50 Cent are presenting the Earth Shattering Collaboration Award!! And the winner is... Shakira and Beyonce - Beautiful Liar. I was wrong!! :( PS Check the top for the Britney Spears performance link!!
9:36 PM EST: 10 seconds of Maroon 5 performing Wake Up Call! This reminds me soo much of TRL with the short showing of the music and all of the commercials! Ugh. This isn't that good, IMO. I thought it would be much better. Nicole's performance is located on top, too! Enjoy!
9:41 PM EST: Big Things Poppin'!! That performance lasted what, 40 seconds? I'm going to kill MTV : ( If you're watching it, you'll know what I mean. Rosario Dawson (who's that, if I spelled it right?) is introducing....Chris Brown!
9:43 PM EST: Chris Brown performing something, I can't tell yet :D. Great dancing, though. That seems to be a hit tonight. I think it's Wall to Wall. If it is, it'll be the first time that I have heard it! No idea if he is really singing. Somebody help? Haha, I like the song, though. It's his first VMA performance. Pretty good! Now Rihanna is coming out! OMG, new time slot!!
9:46 PM EST: Rihanna performing Umbrella. I really like it so far. Best so far, IMO. I love her live! Chris Brown is on the center table watching along! Hehe. Another song? Another performance? What is happening?! Now the spotlight is on Chris Brown.
9:48 PM EST: Kiss Kiss is being played now. Wait, nevermind, the background music was only for ~15 seconds and Chris Brown was dancing to it. The crowd loved it, though!
9:54 PM EST: Soulja Boy performing for 10 seconds and promoting their album coming out October 2nd! Now, another reminder to vote for Best New Artist. You better vote! ;) JK, IDC, but you def. should if you like/watching/reading my news on the VMAS!
9:55 PM EST: The stars of The Hills.... minus Heidi!!! Haha. They are presenting the award for Male Artist of the Year. And the winner is...Justin Timberlake. Again, who didn't see that coming!? Congrats JT! This time, though, he actually came up to accept the award. Timbaland came up and is giving it to him!! Aww ;) Haha, Justin's speech is good about how Chris Brown's great performance and JT is getting older haha. Best quote of the night goes to Justin! "MTV play more videos! We don't want to see anymore of the Simpsons on reality TV." Or something along those lines haha.
9:59 PM EST: Cee-Lo with the Foo Fighters performing! I wish they showed more, cause I was looking forward to it! But they showed a good 20 seconds of it (ugh). Oh look, a commercial for the dumb Tila Tequila show. Oh MTV, how bad can you get?!
10:04 PM EST: 50 Cent performing Ayo Technology with Justin. I think it's one of those 30 second ones, though, so don't get your hopes up. Let's see, though. Maybe they'll show they whole thing?! I love this song though (mostly because of Justin), but yeah! Yep, was right! Only about 1 minute showing of it. OMGGGGGGG.
10:06 PM EST: Shia LaBeouf is now on stage, announcing the next title of the Indiana Jones movie which will be called Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull (at least, that's what I heard.) He is presenting the award for Female Artist of the Year. And the winner is...Fergie. Haha Ludacris was supposed to accept teh award, but he didn't come up, so Shia accepted it. Lol!
10:08 PM EST: Then Pamela Anderson started talking before they introduced her, haha, she introduced Kanye West.
10:09 PM EST: Kanye performing I song that I don't know the name of : (. I'll find out now haha. It's called Good Life and I think T-Pain is with him. Pretty good song, IMO. I'm enjoying this (compared to the rest of the show).
10:18 PM EST: FOB with Lil' Wayne playing TFTM (too hard to type out right now haha). Now Megan Fox introduced Timbaland!
10:19 PM EST: IT'S TIMBA TIME!! Best performance I bet is right here! CAN'T WAIT. Linkin Park is now singing with Timba opening for them, can't tell if he's DJing now or anything or if it's just the background music! I think it's just the background now. So much going on! Now, Linkin Park is performing Bleed It Out, and I'm liking this very much right now. Best of the night right now, (ignore all other best of the night comments except this haha) Chris Brown's was good with dancing, but this is the best vocals. The crowd is so into it!
10:23 PM EST: 2 of the stars from Entourage, Kevin Connolly and Adrian Grenier, and are presenting the Award for Best Group. And the winner is... Fall Out Boy! They aren't in the same room, but they are in their suite, presenting the award. Now they are showing another clip from the Foo Fighters 'concert' or whatever you want to call it. They are performing with the main singer from System of a Down, dunno who it is.
10:30 PM EST: They are showing some of Rihanna's performance of Shut Up and Drive with Fall Out Boy! Interesting! If only they'd show the whole thing. Ugh, MTV... They are showing a good portion, about half of it, though. Rihanna doesn't sound all that good live... Hm...
10:31 PM EST: They are telling us to vote for Best New Artist again! I think we got the point, haha. They asked Kid Rock what it was like 'losing' (winning) though, and he said he now eats breakfast. I know it was supposed to be funny, but IMO, boooooo.
10:32 PM EST: Nelly is introducing.... Alicia Keys!
10:33 PM EST: Alicia is performing, from what it looks like, No One. I've never really given it a good listen, but from this, it sounds pretty good. Guess I'll try it out again later! Now she's playing the keyboard and singing. How talented :P She's very good live! Now is she performing a new song? I can't really but it sounds like she went into a new one. Whatever it is, it's good, too. There is now a gospel behind her :) The crowd is also really into this one, too. I have a feeling, though, that the best performance of the night will be the finale (Timbaland, I think)
10:38 PM EST: Another clip of Kanye performing some other song. Don't personally care anymore about him haha. They showed enough of Kanye, no offense.
10:44 PM EST: Gym Class Heroes with Fall Out Boy performing Clothes Off!
10:45 PM EST: Jamie Foxx and Jennifer Garner are out and I think they are presenting the Best New Artist award. Yep, they are! This is the award that you and I, the viewers, voted for. Go Carrie! (Even though I doubt a country artist will win) And the winner is... Gym Class Heroes? They are new? Whatever. Congrats to them :)
10:48 PM EST: 50 Cent performing In Da Club for one of those clip things that they feel the need to show.
10:49 PM EST: HAHA Ms. Teen South Carolina (you know, the dumb one) is telling us how we can choose the top video on Now, she is making fun of herself! Classic! Glad she could redeem herself again. But that's enough of her haha. OK (hopefully last) commercial!?
10:55 PM EST: Mary J. Blige has just been introduced. I guess she is going to perform now? Let's see. OK, nope. She is introducing somebody...Dr. Dre?! That's a surprise to me! Oh, he's giving the award for Video of the Year. I guess it's almost over! Yes!!! Haah, just joking, but it really wasn't that good. Can't wait for the finale! And the winner for Video of the Year is... Rihanna Feat. Jay-Z - Umbrella! I think I said that! I don't remember, haha.
11:00 PM EST: Diddy and Yung Joc are now speaking and they told us how there is another commercial break! Thanks for that wonderful news!!
11:01 PM EST: Another, and probably the last, clip from the Foo Fighter's 'concert'.
11:04 PM EST: Diddy, Yung Joc, Nelly and some other guy named Dallas? (I think?) introduced JT, Nelly Furtado and TIMBALAND!! Watching now!!! Tell you my feedback after! First, Nelly sang Do It. Now, Timbaland, Keri Hilson and D.O.E are performing The Way I Are. Now THIS is the best part! Now it's Justin's turn!! He's performing LoveStoned/I Think She Knows. This just proves how good Timbaland is! I LOVE Justin's dancing! Now Nelly, Timbaland, and Justin are performing Give It To Me. :) Love it! Well, that wasn't such a good finale. The only reason why I liked the performance is because, compared to the rest of the show, it rocked. And that's not saying much ahah. Thank god it's over, though. If I had to rate it out of 10, 1 being the worst, I'd give it a 2.5/10. I really was disappointed. Oh well. What can you do?! Thanks for sticking with me the whole time. I hope you enjoyed it!
11:11 PM EST: IT'S OVER!!!!

All feedback is appreciated!


NYC said...

Great coverage of the show, thank you!

NYC said...

There was a fight between Kid Rock and Tommy Lee, here is the video link:

Also, Kanye West went on a tirade about not opening the show and not being allowed to perform on the main stage, vowed to never return to MTv:

Here's what was inside the $10,000 gift bags handed out to the stars:

Anonymous said...

wkddddd coverage..almost like being there:P xx