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Sunday, September 9, 2007

2007 MTV VMAs Coverage - The Pre-Show

8:01 PM EST: T.I. and Megan Fox open the show with Suchin Pak for an interview! I love Megan Fox ;)! She looks great IMO.
8:02 PM EST: Fall Out Boy being interviewed about their performance in a suite not a stage! Pete Wentz is talking! I can hear girls screaming! He is talking about DJing at the LAX club.
8:04 PM EST: Sway is talking to Rihanna in a pink, pretty, dress. I am liking, as well as I am liking her hair! She is talking about breaking her toe(s?). She said it's getting better and she'll have to manage tonight. She's now talking about a performance, Shut Up And Drive, very rock&roll, and she said it will be a surprise! She is also nominated for 4 awards. They also got into the Shia LaBeouf thing and she responded, "You too!!"
8:11 PM EST: Sway is with Chris Brown and Lil' Mama. Haha, I think Lil' Mama's outfit is really funny, but cool at the same time! It's unique. Chris is saying how on tonight's show, we are going to see how he does.
8:12 PM EST: Alicia says she finished her album!! She also said it's something she can put into words, but it's an evolution of many sorts. It also has all kinds of genres, I'm so excited!! She's performing No One tonight and then a surprise, can't waiiittt!!!
8:14 PM EST: Nelly Furtado is now being interviewed about her nomination. She's performing also, with someone I missed and I'm too lazy to look up haah. She's now talking about how she threw a bachelor party in Vegas before and she loves it : ).
8:16 PM EST: The cast of The Hills is being interviewed by Suchin about their clothes! LC designed her beautiful dress, according to her. I don't watch The Hills so I only know about LC haha. They are talking about the show right now and all of the drama. There will be some making up and making out on the show. Oooohhh!!!
8:21 PM EST: Mary J. Blige time!!! They are talking about the opening performance and Britney's comeback. Mary thinks she will make a good comeback and she wants her 'to win'. So do I!!! She thinks it'll either make her better or worse. Now, they are talking about the 50 Cent and Kanye West dispute, and she has no opinion on who will sell more albums. She thinks the competition is good because it isn't violent, just who will sell more albums, or according to her, real hip-hop.
8:22 PM EST: Hayden Panettiere is on, she is promoting Neutrogena. She is so pretty in that blue dress!
8:23 PM EST: Now Sway is with Common, talking about how Smokin' Aces was filmed in Vegas, then talking about all of his movies and how it's the beginning. Now, they're talking about how is 7th album debuted number one on the billboard. He's performing tonight, too, in Kanye's 'Graduation' suite!
8:25 PM EST: A breakout band, Boys Like Girls, are now on! I love their music, heh!! They are talking about the weather (so did, like, everyone else) and they are talking about their Japan concert. They are excited to see Britney and the Foo Fighters! They think Britney will make a strong comeback, or at least they hope she will! Awesome!
8:29 PM EST: It's 50 time!! 50 Cent is being interviewed, I bet a Kanye question is coming! He's looking forward to Britney!!! Who doesn't love her!?! He thinks she'll pull it off. He's presenting an award with Kanye West. Awww, how sweet? He's going to pop in all of the parties. I think he just means he'll follow Paris ;)
8:32 PM EST: Nicole and Lil' Wayne performance!!! Wow, she's really pretty! She can't hear us ;) Cool dancers in the background. Pretty outfit, too. Lil Wayne is coming out! Nothing special that he is wearing. It's the MTV mix and I really like it! Whatever U Like! I've never liked it this much, not that I love it. But it's not bad!
8:40 PM EST: The Gym Class Heroes are now being interviewed about how they filmed Clothes Off! in Vegas. Short (and boring) interview.
8:41 PM EST: Jennifer Hudson and Ludacris are now on! Luda's birthday is on Tuesday, happy (soon) birthday!! Jennifer Hudson is excited for Britney! Yay!! It feels like I'm repeating myself haha.
8:42 PM EST: Sway is with Kanye West now. I know that he thinks Britney shouldn't open the show, that jerk! I used to, and still kinda, do like him, and especially more than 50 Cent. But ugh! He apparently wants to be the biggest artist at this time next year. Hah. It is a marketing plan for Kanye and he doesn't have beef with 50 Cent, but according to him, it's the biggest release date in music history. Hah again!
8:45 PM EST: Jamie Fox and Jennifer Garner are with John talking about their movie, I missed the name of it (ugh!!). They think that it is the perfect spot for the VMAs. Uh oh, another break! 15 more minutes!! Oh look, a commercial! Their new movie is called The Kingdom, and to me, it looks like it will be very good!
8:49 PM EST: Some US Weekly Jack-Not (bad dressing): Lil' Mama. Jack-Pot: TI and Megan Fox! More coming later! Anyway, Paris Hilton is with Sway and they started off with how she wasn't supposed to come, but she did. Aww, how nice! Now they are talking about her charity work and how she is changing. She wants to see Britney perform :D That's one thing I agree about with her!
8:51 PM EST: Panic! At The Disco is with John. I haven't heard from them in awhile! They are having an album coming out, hopefully early next year! I hope so, too!
8:52 PM EST: Pharrell thinks the performances will be great, and he started off with how he is excited for Britney! I just can't wait any longer!
8:56 PM EST: The Foo Fighters are with John and Cee-Lo is also there! They will be performing together, I guess!
8:57 PM EST: Linkin Park is now being interviewed about their previous performances. They say that this has been the craziest weekend that they have seen!
Coming Up: The VMAS

Original: Hey guys! I'm happy to say that I have no more homework (yay!) and that I will be able to watch the VMAs and that whenever something happens, I will post it about 10 seconds after (hah). For example, when Britney performs, I'll post my opinion right after. When somebody wins an award, I'll be right here to tell you who that somebody was (and if I was right!) ;) I'll even tell you if I like what people are wearing! (sometimes) I hope you'll be with me, too (since this is for you)! Check back here at 8:00 PM EST for pre-show coverage, too!