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Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Bo Bice - Witness [New Single!]

Here is an American Idol Top 12-er, Bo Bice, and his new single, Witness. If you have checked on youtube, you could have found some acoustic versions of the song, but here id the full, real version!
Thanks to StarsVIP

DL Link #1: Bo Bice - Witness
DL Link #2: Here!

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Anonymous said...

Thanks so much! This song kicks ass!

Anonymous said...

I remember Bo performing a raw version of this song on Idol homecoming in Birmingham during the final three. It was filmed along with the appearance of Lynyrd Skynyrd where they did Sweet Home Alabama but the actual performance of Witness with Bo playing the guitar was not shown by Idol on tv. He really played some badass guitar on that one. I think you can still find that video on the internet if you google it. It's good to hear that there's now a professionally done version of this song coz it really kicks ass. And yeah love that growl!