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Wednesday, September 12, 2007

E-Mail Promotions Post #1

So, I've been getting e-mail from fans of my blog (which I LOVE LOVE LOVE!!!) and they have asked me to put some things on my blog to promote some artist. So, here it goes!

First off, here is a Slim Dollars and "Aunt Jackie" producer Black da Beast track titled Swag Step.
DL Link: Slim Dollars - Swag Step

Secondly, here is a song from Da Vinci Victory, an artist who was signed by a reader of my blog! They asked me to post a song by the artist to promote his music, titled Sexy Girl, from his upcoming EP, Rise to Stardom.
DL Link: Da Vinci Victory - Sexy Girl
Here are some ways you can listen to Da Vinci Victory's music!

Lastly, here is a video from a popular singer, James Blunt, and it's his new single, 1973. He is coming out with an album on Tuesday, September 18th called All The Lost Souls. So, check this video out, and hopefully it will persuade you to buy his album!

"1973" Video
- Brightcove:
- YouTube:
- YouTube channel:



Remember, keep sending e-mails and I will promote whatever you want! (As long as you don't want me to post a full album, unless you are their owner, business manager, etc.)


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